Drafting Jason

It’s time for a new and improved look to my website! I realized in the off-times (not to be confused with ofttimes) when I need to step away from my current WIP that I still wanted to write. So I’m taking that plunge to say I’m going to blog more. Yes, seriously, I’m going to do it!


That’s more of a pep talk for myself. How many times have I started a blog, convinced I was going to keep at it, but then ending up forgetting I even started one about five posts in?

Approximately 174 times.

But this is going to be *the one*! Stars and fireworks and jumping puppies *the one* that signals everything is going to click. I’ll write about things I’m working on, things I’m loving, things I’m thankful for, merpeople, Anjelica Huston, the occasional existential crisis I’m going through from a recent episode of Real Housewives.


Essentially this will be the place to ruminate about the many drafts I find developing of myself. Because as time goes on, I realize that life is just one big revision process, tweaking here and there in the hopes to make a better me. So, that’s what this blog will be all about:

Drafting Jason

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