The Cleanse

There are few things in life that give me more joy than Anjelica Huston. Her poise, her aura, her soul-searching looks. So if anything comes out with her in it, I have to watch it. Which is what led me to THE CLEANSE.

This movie is twacked, y’all. There’s no other way to describe it. But it’s twacked in the absolute best way. It follows a guy named Paul as he signs up for a cleanse retreat in which a very specific, very disgusting juice is brewed up for each participant that must be consumed in a day. Successful chugging of said juice results in vomiting up your demons, literally. Here’s what Paul spewed out:

First of all, I love things that are so ugly they’re cute. Cleanse vomit baby demons fall into that category. Second of all, this movie reminded me so much of the writing process it’s silly. Paul is trying to rid himself of the negativity that plagues his life to the point that he has to physically manifest it into the world. It’s just like when you’ve got that idea for a story in your head and you MUST get it onto paper. That obsessive clacking on the keyboard is just like Paul’s determined chugging. When you hit Print and hold your manuscript for the first time is just like when Paul picks up his little demon shmoop and has a sense of pride that it came out of him. Paul’s varying emotions regarding the little chunk mirrored those times when you’re loving your story one minute then thinking you’re the most terrible writer in the world the next. There were so many similarities to the writing process that I’m going to start calling my WIPs my demons. But here’s hoping that no one describes my writing as “so ugly it’s cute.”

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